Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fat Tire Festival!

This last Saturday was a day I've celebrated every year since I moved to Phoenix. It's the Fat Tire Festival. Or also known as "Tour De Fat!" Super fun, beautiful weather, best friends, bicycles, costumes and BEER! There is a bicycle parade in the morning in the downtown Tempe area and then everyone will ride bicycles to Tempe Town Lake to go look at art, watch live music, make friends and stand in line for beer. HA. It's a great time. I took a bunch of pictures with my phone but unfortunately forgot to save them when taking them (My phone, Droid X2, verrry lame) so I only have some pictures that Jason and Tiffany took. I'm bummed because the parade is what's really great about this day. So many people with amazingly different and creative bikes. Bike that are super tiny, or bikes that are double deckers, bikes with a drum set attached and a man playing, bikes even with grills and people making hamburgers while riding! It's funny and fun and everyone has a great time with each other.

Tiffany and me riding the funny bike

Tiff and I

Our group this year

Tiff and I on a very small merry go round


Me and Jason

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