Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A few X-Mas photos.

I didn't really  get very many photos of Christmas this year. Here are the ones I did get. :)

We were going to make breakfast and open gifts but we decided to go out and eat at Harlows.

Waking Jason up to open presents on Christmas eve.

I taught Jason how to play Mexican train.

I made my parents some matching jammies for Christmas this year. (Well, I didn't make them make them but I did puff paint their names "Mama" and "Papa" on the front!)

Playing UNO with my Mom and Sister Christmas Eve night. I had a few too many Christmas cocktails...

From Jason. Not Santa.

Sleepy heads.

Dingleberry dog.

My Dad and his dog Sable.

So all week Jason was like, "I can't wait for you to open your gift! You're gunna cry." And I'm like, hmmm.... I wonder what it could be! A ring! A ring! A promise ring? An engagement ring??? OMG. I couldn't wait. I was psyched for Christmas eve.!!
 Christmas eve is here.... I wait patiently for Jason to wake up. I make coffee as loud as I can. He wakes up. Pours a cup of coffee. It's gift time. HELL YEAH! He opens his gifts first. I got him these super expensive Titlist Pro golf balls and some super gamer MW3 Turtle Beach headphones hes been wanting. And some shoes. He's stoked. I am happy to make him happy. :) Now its my turn. I open the gifts in the order he tells me to. I got some bath soaps, a loofa (that fell apart as soon as I used it..) and my favorite perfume.  And here it is, the last one. This is it!!!! I open it carefully. It's in a larger box than a ring would be in but maybe he's just trying to trick me.... I pull the wrapping paper off. Tear open the box. Unfold the tissue paper inside... and it's.... a metal rose. That he welded himself at work. A metal rose that he has made for his mother and other girlfriends in the past.... He's waiting for tears. I have none. I smile wide though. Because it is very sweet. But it ain't no ring. So I just hug him very hard and thank him. He's so stoked on it. I am just surprised.


Oh and my parents got me the same exact perfume. So I'm stocked up haha.
Hope your Christmas kicked ass.

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Danielle said...

Aww I'm sorry you were kind of bummed out about the ring but to put a (maybe annoying, hah) positive spin on it...when you DO get it it will be that much more special. I'm glad you had a great holiday though. You're beautiful!